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Upcoming events

    • 13 Apr 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Collindale Golf Course - C.B. & Potts, 1441 E. Horsetooth Rd, Ft. Collins, CO


    with Rick Griggs

    A New Approach to Creativity & Problem Solving


    Brainstorming is dead…try Rolestorming! This surprising innovation is an answer to poorly attended and ineffective brainstorming sessions. 


    First published in Training Magazine, Griggs’ rolestorming assigns another identity during the idea generation process to help view major issues from a different standpoint.


    “Seizing one good opportunity is worth more

    than solving ten problems.”

    Rick Griggs

    Unusual ‘off the wall’ ideas may seem foolish or ’silly’ if ‘you’ present them, however, generated by an assumed identity removes ridicule and self-consciousness. The best way to use rolestorming is to follow the “order of operations” by seizing opportunities first; focus on prevention second; and finally problem solving.



    “[Rolestorming] It’s a freakin’ brilliant idea.” 
    Online blogger comment


    “I so enjoyed your presentation…Your session on Rolestorming
    was my favorite of the conference.”

    Catherine O’Neill Thorn, Executive Director


    “From what I read, you’ve got a real winner here…publishers could be falling out
    of their chairs to take a look. I think Rolestorming is groundbreaking stuff?

    Barry Zucker, Literary Agent, McGinniss Associates, NY


    Date: 4/13/2017

    Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm


    C. B. & Potts
    1441 E Horsetooth Rd.

    Fort Collins, CO 80525

    Rick Griggs develops individuals, teams, innovators and large organizations.  After positions at National Semiconductor and Intel Corporations, he chose a career that teaches hard working people how to jump-start their humanity to reach high goals.  He keynotes on balance, creativity, innovation and Napoleon’s Power.


    Rick holds Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and French, and a Master's Degree in Business Behavior Analysis.  He has consulted for IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, the IRS, Lucasfilm, Visa, and other public and private firms.  Rick earned lifetime teaching credentials in psychology and business management.  His 10-month Mastery Academy® addresses client needs in training, retention, development and succession.


    His U.S. clients include Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Stanford University, Lucent Technologies, American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), American Dental Association, Quaker Oats, Cisco Systems, Kaiser Permanente, Wells Fargo, and 9 City & County Governments.


    Mr. Griggs has consulted in France, England, Belgium, and Luxemburg for European firms such as Total (French gas & oil), Accenture Consulting (Europe), Banque Générale de Luxembourg, and Crédit Agricole.  He speaks fluent French, some German and a bit of Spanish.


    As an award-winning author, his eight books touch on Teams, Balance, Optimism, Creativity and Quality.  His titles have been translated into Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, and ‘British’ English.  He is the author of the prose poem Samsara and founded the Quid Novi Innovation Conference. His Rolestorming invention is listed as one of the top ten creativity and product marketing tools in the world.*


    *MindTools Editor’s Choice article –



    • 11 May 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Collindale Golf Course - C.B. & Potts, 1441 E. Horsetooth Rd, Ft. Collins, CO
    Stu Crair - Digital Workshop Center   

    Latest trends of e-learning with the Adobe Creative Cloud


    Adobe has been an industry leader for e-learning technology for many years.  Incorporating some of their tools into the classroom can help you to improve the experience in new, exciting ways.  In this one hour presentation, Stu Crair of Digital Workshop Center will review the latest in Adobe technology trends for products such as Adobe Captivate, Adobe Connect, and more.  There will also be a discussion on related resources and opportunities for educators to create community around the classroom.



    Stu Crair is the owner and training manager for Digital Workshop Center. Stu has a degree in Decision and Information Systems from the University of Maryland at College Park. He has more than 19 years of experience in IT, technical support, network operations, database design, website development, graphic design, and more.


    Stu has also been working as a computer instructor for most of that time. He has a vast array of knowledge about anything and everything computer-related, including all major software programs. He is well-versed in the Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and is the “go-to guy” for almost any technical question that our students may have.  Stu is also an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Dreamweaver.


    In his free time, Stu plays drums with a few well-known local bands. He also enjoys taking his dog, Mason, hiking in the beautiful natural areas that surround Fort Collins. Stu is passionate about helping others to succeed. He enjoys teaching and managing other DWC instructors because he loves to see students leave our classes with a spring in their step, on their way to mastering their chosen skill set or software program!



    Date: 5/11/2017

    Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm


    C. B. & Potts
    1441 E Horsetooth Rd.

    Fort Collins, CO 80525



    • 22 Jun 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Collindale Golf Course - C.B. & Potts, 1441 E. Horsetooth Rd, Ft. Collins, CO

    Training Automation w/ 3 Min. Videos On YouTube


    Online learning just doubled from 48 Billion to 107 Billion. Source: HERE


    Video communicates 80% better than text, print or audio messages and instead of a full time trainer on staff companies and organizations are opting into developing a library of training videos. Come learn the ins and outs of 3 minute training videos from certified Google partner, Anthony Prichard.


    Date: 6/22/2017

    Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm


    C. B. & Potts
    1441 E Horsetooth Rd.

    Fort Collins, CO 80525

    Anthony has a solid background in corporate sales, business management, and construction and has 25 years of non-profit volunteer experience.  He speaks to both for profit and nonprofit organizations about growth through engagement and building common ground.  As a Certified Google Partner, he teaches organizations how they can take business to the next level using the power of YouTube, AdWords, AdGrants and Analytics.


    Anthony has learned firsthand how to use videos for advertising, case studies, testimonials, staff trainings and email campaigns.  He specializes in coaching people to use and look good on video, by delivering sound bites, and eliminated their fear of the camera.  Anthony’s approach is effective, enthusiastic and compelling.


    In his spare time, Anthony coaches competitive boys soccer, swims three miles a week, and is an avid bicyclist, runner, skier, surfer and scaler of 14’ers.   He is also a great organic cook.



    • 27 Jul 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Collindale Golf Course - C.B. & Potts, 1441 E. Horsetooth Rd, Ft. Collins, CO

    Evaluating Learning Impact


    Evaluating learning impact is becoming increasingly important as more organizations want to ensure their investment in learning is paying off. Research shows that CEOs would like to see data on the impact of learning but most departments share only data on number of participants and their satisfaction with the training.

    Join Dave Vance to learn more about the theory and practice of measuring impact. He will share approaches from the two industry leaders, Don Kirkpatrick and Jack Phillips, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. He will also discuss the isolation issue which is central to the Phillips approach and required to answer the question, “How much of the change was due just to learning, apart from all the other factors?”  The need to isolate the impact of learning from other potential factors is the primary reason many professionals never make it to level 4 impact, but Dave will share some relatively simple ways to accomplish it. He will also share his measurement experiences at Caterpillar where they measured impact on numerous programs.

    Dave was president of Caterpillar University from 2001-2007. In that period Cat U won numerous awards for measurement and was ranked #1 in the ATD BEST Awards in 2005. Prior to leading Cat U, Dave was Chief Economist and Head of the Business Intelligence Group at Caterpillar. His book, The Business of Learning, was published in 2010. Dave teaches human capital management in the Ph.D. programs at Bellevue University and University of Southern Mississippi.

    Detailed BIO

    Date: 7/27/2017

    Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm


    C. B. & Potts
    1441 E Horsetooth Rd.

    Fort Collins, CO 80525



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18 Jun 2014 Best practices in E-Learning and E-Delivery
21 May 2014 What are the benefits of National ASTD Membership? with Jill Arnold
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17 Apr 2014 Instructional Design 101 with Kimberly Fields
25 Mar 2014 Virtual Session with Bob Mosher - Performance Support: Are We Missing a HUGE Opportunity?
20 Feb 2014 Developing to the 5 Moments of Need with Sandra McMillen
23 Jan 2014 Bekki Smith presents Employee Engagement—Strategy or Program?
04 Dec 2013 Dr. Martin Shields presents 2014 Economic Outlook: There Are No Guarantees
13 Nov 2013 Breaking the Mold on Theory & Design with Michele Padilla, Owner, 5280 Training & Development, LLC
15 Oct 2013 Back by popular demand - "Adult Learning Theories" with Kimberly Fields (substituting for Chris Briest)
02 Oct 2013 Networking Breakfast Meeting
24 Sep 2013 Free Networking Event at Fort Collins Brewery (note location)
27 Aug 2013 Facilitation Expertise - Enable Participants to Learn, Solve Problems and Change with Kaye Sullivan
14 Aug 2013 How To Inspire Innovation with John Reeb, PhD, MBA
16 Jul 2013 eLearning Storyboard Design with Thomas Toth
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26 Jun 2013 Networking Event at Odell Brewing
13 Jun 2013 Training for Trainers: Designing and Facilitating Interactive Activities to Augment New Skill Development with Richard Barnhart
15 May 2013 "Strategic Planning: It’s Not as Complicated as You Think" with Ava Diamond, Big Impact Speaking
08 Apr 2013 Networking Event at New Belgium Brewing
19 Feb 2013 "Men, Women and Communication: The Code Switching Quotient" with Audrey Nelson, Ph.D
16 Jan 2013 Got Game? Understanding the significance and use of Gamification with Susan Keehley
13 Dec 2012 Learning Industry Trends
14 Nov 2012 "Adult Learning Theories" with Chris Briest
01 Nov 2012 Networking Breakfast and "Work-Life Balance Or Increasing Happiness In The Workplace" with Chrysta Bairre
16 Oct 2012 “Facilitating Organizational Change” with Leigh-Ann Zaharevich
18 Sep 2012 "Crossing the Chasm from classroom to Virtual" with Cynthia Clay
22 Aug 2012 “Mobile Learning: Personal and Pervasive” with Dr. Peggy O’Neill-Jones
01 Aug 2012 Networking Dinner
17 Jul 2012 "Leveraging Organizational Knowledge: Don’t just work, work right." with Dr. Christina Schlachter
28 Jun 2012 "MAKING THE MOST OF THE TALENT IN YOUR ORGANIZATION" with Jan Felton of Attitudesplus
19 Jun 2012 "Run Learning Like a Business: How to Get the Most from your Investment in Training" with Dave Vance
07 Jun 2012 Networking Breakfast Meeting
23 May 2012 "Techniques for Building Custom Training....Faster, Cheaper, Better!" with Daya Haines Haddock
11 Apr 2012 “Developing Effective Teams Using Competency-based Approaches” with Richard Barnhart (moved from Sept 20)
20 Mar 2012 "The Five Superpowers of Learning" with Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D.
12 Mar 2012 “How to Create Effective Performance Interventions” with Kevin Shrum
07 Mar 2012 Networking Breakfast Meeting
15 Feb 2012 "The Successful Virtual Classroom: Five Tried-and-True Techniques" with Jenny Beer
18 Jan 2012 "Ignite! The 4 Essential Rules for Emerging Leaders" with Sal Silvester
07 Dec 2011 "How to Increase Participation, Engagement, and Commitment from Group Participants" with Anne Neal (Collaborative Connections, Inc.)
15 Nov 2011 Networking Breakfast Meeting
04 Nov 2011 Facilitation Excellence with Dan Chenoweth
03 Nov 2011 Build Your Professional Network with LinkedIn by Stan Skrabut
07 Oct 2011 “I have the answer for you … If you have the right question” with Kevin Shrum
05 Oct 2011 Networking Dinner and Book Swap
15 Sep 2011 An Introduction to Technology-Based Learning Solutions with Mark Bower (Edge Interactive)
31 Aug 2011 Networking Breakfast Meeting
16 Aug 2011 The Yin and Yangs of Change Management: Creating a Yes/And Mindset for Managing Change with Linda Kennedy of Cocali Consulting
27 Jul 2011 Colorado State University and Distance Learning  with Hunt Lambert (CSU) and Book Swap
28 Jun 2011 Simple Steps to Organizing Your Workspace with Marilyn Bohn
11 May 2011 Improve Learning with Instructionally Sound PowerPoint Presentations with Stan Skrabut
19 Apr 2011 Have You Ever thought About Writing and Publishing a Book? with Dave Vance
14 Apr 2011 Networking Breakfast Meeting
23 Mar 2011 Transfer of Training with Scott Enebo from the Bob Pike Group
16 Feb 2011 Workplace Competency Model presented by Angie Maze - Jones International University
10 Feb 2011 Build Your Professional Network with Linkedin presentedby Stan Skrabut
20 Jan 2011 If I’m leading, why is nobody following? with Carl Dierschow
07 Dec 2010 Networking After Hours Meeting
11 Nov 2010 Have You Ever thought About Writing and Publishing a Book? with Dave Vance
05 Nov 2010 Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation Skills presented by Stan Skrabut
14 Oct 2010 Don’t Be Boring!! Converting ILT to WBT with Sue Fody
30 Sep 2010 Networking Breakfast Meeting
14 Sep 2010 “Can You Envision Better Information Retention?” with Kevin Shum (new date)
19 Aug 2010 Tech Tools for Today’s Tech-Savvy Learners with Gina Schreck
06 Aug 2010 LEVERAGE YOUR TIME: GET MORE DONE IN LESS TIME with Lorraine Bosse-Smith
08 Jul 2010 Networking Breakfast Meeting
15 Jun 2010 “I have the answer for you … IF you have the right question” with Kevin Shrum
12 May 2010 "How to fix" ™ your boss when you can't afford to leave, and your employees when you can't afford to lose them! with Christie Ward, CSP
21 Apr 2010 Kirkpatrick Workshop: Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels and Managing Change
01 Apr 2010 Networking Breakfast Meeting
16 Mar 2010 Leadership: From Neanderthal to Dilbert-Not Much Change in 50,000 years with Gary Craig
18 Feb 2010 Networking Breakfast Meeting
19 Jan 2010 Planning for Success in 2010
02 Dec 2009 How to Improve Your Presentation Skills with Datta Groover
20 Nov 2009 The Power of Questions: Building Teams through Appreciative Inquiry
04 Nov 2009 2010 Economic Outlook for the US and Our Region with Dr. Martin Shields
20 Oct 2009 The Trust Factor
15 Sep 2009 Maintaining Morale and Productivity in Tough Times
25 Aug 2009 Is Your "But" Too Big?
12 Aug 2009 Networking with Fellow Training Professionals
03 Jun 2009 June 3rd Networking Event
19 May 2009 May Chapter Meeting - I Want My Life Back!
21 Apr 2009 April Chapter Meeting - Workforce Training Opportunities for Northern Colorado
25 Mar 2009 March Chapter Meeting - The Trust Factor
03 Feb 2009 February Chapter Meeting - Create a “web 2.0” Collaboration Portal using Microsoft SharePoint
13 Jan 2009 January Chapter Meeting - Energizing Virtual Instruction
02 Dec 2008 December Chapter Meeting - Activating Your Ambition
11 Nov 2008 November Chapter Meeting - 2009 Northern Colorado Economic Outlook
14 Oct 2008 October Chapter Meeting - Your Generation or Mine? Managing the Generation Mix
14 Aug 2008 August Chapter Meeting
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